L’Essenziale Studio Vol.02

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FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE: Alessandro Oggianu Was it too late, when I realised I was alone? by Giovanni Garofalo Clara Casale Twenty years of Change: the Evolution of Fashion from 2000 to Today MAIORANO in Conversation with Luca De Stefano Matteo Galvanone Purely Subjective by Elena Pallavera Luca Scavone The Spirit of the Time by Elena Pallavera Manuel Fois in Conversation with Andrea Astolfi Wenxuan Wang A Photographic Manifesto against Gentrification by Luca De Stefano Giovanna Petrocchi Interior Monologue Iacopo Pesenti in Conversation with Marta Orsola Sironi Marco De Ieso Elements Matilde Sambo by Alessia Romano SEBASTIAN AMTMANN Re-Territorio MIOGUI Minimal Space • Parisian Context Matteo Fiorentino Unnecessary Superfluous Niccolò Vonci The Museum as an Exhibit MIOGUI Lamah Road Trip • La machine à habiter

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