is a six-monthly print and online magazine dedicated to visual arts and design. Each issue investigates the research of emerging artists and independent designers with an international profile, with a focus on highlighting their practices for both professionals and the general public.

Each issue is presented to the public with a dedicated event involving the artists included in the paper also thanks to the collaboration with galleries, exhibition spaces, collectors and sponsors.

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FEAUTURED IN THIS ISSUE: Jaime Welsh "Magis non prohibente [...] quam adprobante" by Alberta RomanoCaterina De Nicola in conversation with Irene Sofia ComiTarek Lakhrissi Beauty, Love, Monsters by Antoine Schafroth Jenkin van Zyl Things get done when people come together, right? by Eva AdduciNiamh O'Malley in conversation with Maddalena IodiceLiao Wen The Way of the Body by Manuela Lietti Alba Zari Fear of Mirrors by Giada Storelli Andrea Bocca Props: reality is not what it seems by Costanza Nizzi Daria Dmytrenko Linguistics of the subconscious by Caterina AngelucciValentina Furian Wild Domesticity by Edoardo Durante cc-tapis in conversation with Amerigo GirardiBrilant Milazimi When the world comes over for dinner by Marta Orsola Sironi Zsófia Keresztes Emersions by Federico Montagna Maurizio Cattelan Cavalli, lenzuola e coccodrilli by Rossella Farinotti Yuri Ancarani by Davide GiannellaObjects of Common Interest Interactive design bridges the gap between practical and abstract by Margherita BruniIva Lulashi in conversation with Antonio Grulli Lidia Bianchi Un dialogo disordinato by Francesca GrecoFelipe Romero Beltrán Dialect by Rosita Ronzini Provinciale 11 Between one shore and the next by Paola ShiamtaniBeatrice Favaretto Sexuality and the self: towards a new form of representation by Sara van Bussel Edoardo Manzoni The Dog and the Artist by Robin Sara Stauder Jem Perucchini Flags and Flagwavers by Jennifer HiggieHannah Lim in conversation with Jacob Charles WilsonOlivia Sterling in conversation with Chard Adio Marcello Coslovi The wrong side of the tracks by Laura De Marco Teresa Fernández–Pello Godly Allegories by Erika Giulietti

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