is a six-monthly print and online magazine dedicated to visual arts and design. Each issue investigates the research of emerging artists and independent designers with an international profile, with a focus on highlighting their practices for both professionals and the general public.

Each issue is presented to the public with a dedicated event involving the artists included in the paper also thanks to the collaboration with galleries, exhibition spaces, collectors and sponsors.

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L’Essenziale Studio Vol.05

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FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE: Nana Wolke in conversation with Marta Orsola Sironi Lucia Cristiani Assembling memory, cutting geographies by Arnold Braho Salvatore Vitale Death by GPS by Elena Pallavera Rachele Maistrello Blue Diamond by Ilaria Sponda Teresa Giannico You will return, you will return by Irene Caravita Tatjana Danneberg Between photography and painting by Greta Zuccali Roberto de Pinto Letter to a dear friend by Eleonora Mariani Jacopo Benassi in conversation with Robin Sara Stauder Vasilis Papageorgiou Why does heat make things blurry by Valeria Conti Federico Cantale SOGNIDORO by Arianna landelli Arnaud Eubelen Refurbished Models by Giacomo Infantino Helena Hladilová Stories and materials as relational devices by Caterina Molteni Mattia Balsamini Il suo buio speciale by Francesco Bergamo Monia Ben Hamouda IN-BETWEEN by Federico Montagna Rodrigo Hernandez in conversation with Nicola Bigliardi Audrey Large The digital realm as a space for a new representative freedom by Margherita Bruni Zaven Strappi, Tubes, La tradizione del nuovo, Laboratorio alchemico by Erika Giulietti Giacomo Montanelli Who's Talking to Me? by Francesco di Pardo Marta Naturale Dietro casa, Small Fixations by Miriam Rejas Del Pino Martina Guandalini Over the rainbow Pillow Collection, Infinity Table, Soulmate Collection by Erika GiuliettI Martina Zanin Older Than Love by Gaia Amorello Eliska Konëkná in conversation with Veronika Cechová

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