is a six-monthly print and online magazine dedicated to visual arts and design. Each issue investigates the research of emerging artists and independent designers with an international profile, with a focus on highlighting their practices for both professionals and the general public.

Each issue is presented to the public with a dedicated event involving the artists included in the paper also thanks to the collaboration with galleries, exhibition spaces, collectors and sponsors.

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L’Essenziale Studio Vol.03

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FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE: MATETE LaCura by Giovanni Garofalo Ernst Cramer Garten des Poeten Zürichhorn Park, Zürich, Switzerland by Duncan Gibbs TIPSTUDIO in conversation with Luca De Stefano Chris Soal Collective Legacy: from a deep conversation with Federico Montagna EX FIGURA Private / Public House Istantanee Mediterranee: Roberto Aponte in conversation with Alice Beltrami and Filippo Telaro Giacomo Bianco Living Entitios by Elena Pallavera Pietro Bucciarelli Learning how to hide FONTANESI Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian WindWal:The Metaphvsica/ Nature ofInfrastructure Giuseppe Giammetta Inessential melancholies by Giovanni Garofalo Giulia Marchi Beyond Good and Evil by Alessia Romano IAMMIIt takes an energio creative explosion to create a B-fora. by Elena Pallavera Francesco Pace in conversation withAnna-Giulia Caradeuc Stefano Perrone in conversation with Federica Fiumelli LUCA A. CAIZZI What remains? by Alessandro De Agostini Nicolas Denino Just like the ocean in Montevideo, foaming the sands by Andrea Astolfi

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